Signed to American label SDM, Jasmine released her debut album                  'From The Womb' on April 4th 2018, and is currently working on her second. 

Her debut album was recorded at Hensons Studios in LA with Joel Shearer, Victor Indrizzo and Sean Hurley - produced by Stuart Davis and Martin Cook. 


 Accompanying herself on guitar and piano, Karimova’s music is fueled by her background in classical piano and her love for lyrical imagery.

Walking the tightrope between strength and vulnerability, Karimova’s music is a juxtaposition of the darker and lighter corners of human emotion. Karimova draws bridges between pain and suffering and beauty and joy within the human condition.

Often compared to Regina Spector and Fiona Apple, Karimova’s voice is compelling and moving, in turns provoking and comforting.