We'd like to welcome you to our very first zine launch and exhibition.

Feeling a big love for personal photography in the form of a Journal, we created “A Photographer’s Journal". It is a platform for our mutual love for photographs taken during daily life events in it’s purest form. Jim Goldberg, Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Ryan Mcginley and Terry Richardson are a few names who inspire us greatly and have created a beautiful document of their generations.

"Show your love, your anger and your fear. Show your tits, your drunk friends, your dead fish, your hot girl- or boyfriend and your fucked-up tattoo. Show your death wish, show us what you think is worth living for. Show us your deepest secrets or hide them. Show everything or show nothing."

Participating artists
Kent Andreassen, Renato Antinao, Tobias Asser, Wessel Baarda, Frank van Bennekom, Ulrike Biets, Françoise Bolechowski, Fauve Bouwman, Barry Camps, Hannelore Commers, John Connell, Frijke Coumans, Ramona Deckers, Vincent Delbrouck, Jennifer Drabbe, Simone Engelen, Lara Gasparotto, Danny Griffioen, Maria Grundlehner, Sven Signe den Hartogh, Sarah Mei Herman, Sam Hiscox, Anne-Linde de Jong, Femke Kamphuis, Jasmine Karimova, Erik Klaassen, Menno Kok, Max Kraanen, Margaret Lansink, Quilla van Lieshout, Sina Lisnek, Maureen Marck, Isabel Mooij, Sebastiaan Pagano Mirani, Maarten van Schaik, Dorien Scheltens, Chiel-Jan Schut, Ko-Ta Shouji, Bob Siers, Zsu Szabó, Nick van Tiem, Annosh Urbanke, Lara Verheijden, Dinaya Waeyaert, Jeroen de Wandel and Polina Yaroshenko.

Initiated by cloud gallery. 
Curated by Danny Griffioen, Sebastiaan Pagano Mirani and Bob Siers.

limited-edition zine of 150  

prints sell between
€50.- to 450.- 

'A Photographer's Journal"
Cloud Gallery - Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam
Friday April 7th 2017 from 6p 



Since I've been dipping my toes into the pond of film photography, 
I thought Id find away to share (and thussss improve ?) I have a flickr
Check it out, don't check it out, in any case I have stuff up there. 

PS. if you click on the word 'flickr' (in bold, in italics) it'll take you there :)